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Folkia offers convenient everyday financial services in the Nordic countries and Estonia. We are a leading company when it comes to ethical standards and corporate responsibility.

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Vision & Strategy


Folkia´s vision is to be the leading company for non-secured consumer credits and other everyday financial products in all our geographical markets.

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Welcome to an exciting financial company

Folkia is a leading provider of non-secured small credits in the Nordic countries and Estonia. Turnover for 2012 was approximately NOK 113 million.

Folkia is a Norwegian finance and credit company and has a license from the Norwegian Ministry of Finance and is under the supervision of the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority.

The status as a Norwegian credit and finance company has several advantages, the most important being the quality assurance for our customers, but of course also the respect and trust we receive from both authorities and potential business partners in all countries where we operate.

The level of customer satisfaction is kept at an impressive 98 to 100 percent in our monthly surveys. Above all, the customers appreciate our Customer Service, which gives personal and professional service that meet high expectations. Our customers also appreciate the transparency pricing that is communicated clearly and without additional costs or small print.

Folkia has a strong capital base and has room for expansion. We plan to grow through adding products and services that facilitates the everyday financial needs for our customers. When we enter into new markets or develop new products our most important focus is to look at the needs of our customers. In order to do that we use our profound knowledge of our customers based on their appreciation and trust and innovative use of IT and other communication tools as well as our own internal team of well trained experts in all relevant areas.

We invite you to get to know Folkia better. We believe you will find the company exciting whether you are a private investor, journalist, banker, customer, supplier of goods or services or potential business partner or employee.

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